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Zildjian Z3 14 inch Mastersound Hi-hat top ZHT 14 inch Mastersound bottom mixed Cymbal Pair


Top Cymbal:

Zildjian Z3 Mastersound Hi-Hat Cymbals offer extra sizzle.  The design also adds extra high-end sparkle to overtones when the cymbals are played partially open. Z3 hi-hats feature a medium top coupled with a heavy bottom for extra power.

Zildjian's Z3 Cymbal Series achieves a new level of power and clarity with rock cymbals that retain an abundance of sensitivity and response. Using a design that can only be achieved with Zildjian's state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the exciting Z3 cymbals are among the most musical and powerful rock cymbals ever produced.

The Zildjian Z3 cymbals' unique lathing process creates a more pronounced tonal groove design for great projection and power. A one-of-a-kind computer hammering process creates a special symmetrical hammering pattern.

Bottom Cymbal:

Zildjian creates their Mastersound hi-hats using innovative hammering techniques on the outer rim of the bottom hi-hat cymbal, resulting in alternating raised and lowered contact points that facilitate rapid air release. This creates a noticeably faster and cleaner "chick" sound, without sacrificing body in the overall sound of the cymbals.

New old stock, excellent condition.

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