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1989 Ampeg VT-120 Tri-Ax Tube Guitar Amplifier w/Footswitch


Used, good condition, very powerful amp. Original Ampeg AFP-4 footswitch included. All functions appear to work, 60 watt mode is cleaner than 120 watt mode, all pots have been cleaned and are free of dust, two of the four power tubes have been changes, preamp tubes have not been changed. AS IS. Distortion modes lightly cut out in 120 watt mode, but not in 60 watt mode. Please check ALL pictures and ask any questions before purchase. Returns will not be accepted. Original manual included.

Ampeg's Tri-Ax series featured a "Multi-stage Musical instrument amplifier having distortion modes" that meant that the user could change between distortion and normal modes while using the gain stage in both modes. The VT-120 features a 1 12" Electro-Voice speaker, a seven tube chassis (4-12AX7, 1-12AU7, 4-6L6GC), solid state rectifier, three channels, reverb, black control panel, two inputs, 11 black knobs, standby switch, power switch. Rear panel features a power outlet, polarity switch, line out, line in, presence control with low/high damping switch, triode/pentode switch, reverb and channel select footswitch jacks, five speaker jacks. Weight: 76 pounds.

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