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1997 Alesis Wedge Desktop Master Rever w/Impulse Audition


New old stock, never opened or sold, Mint in box condition. Box, manual, and power supply included. Box has dirt and spots from storage.

The Alesis wedge is capable of doing all the usual multi FX like chorus,flange, delay and various combos it can be used as either a mono or stereo processor. All connections are balanced TRS capable of generating some amazing effects and pairs wonderfully with synths. A built in impulse audition function sends a burst of white noise through the selected effects for testing .
specs :
128 factory programs
128 user programs
delay memory 5.49 seconds reverb effects
large hall, hall reverb ,stereo room room reverb ,chamber ambience large plate, plate nonlinear
Delay effects: mono delay ,ping-pong delay ,multi tap delay pitch effects: Chorus /flange ,quad Corus ,quad pitch
multiple effect configurations :double =room + hall, room +plate ,plate +hall ,room +delay ,room +chorus ,room +flange dual mono =delay ;delay Chorus multi chain delay room chorus room Leslie room for launch flange delay room.

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