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2000's Fender Bassman 400H 350 watt Bass Amplifier Head


The Bassman 400H amplifier delivers the Fender tone and quality that performing and recording professionals demand. On stage, the Bassman 400H powers as many as two Bassman 410H or 115 bass enclosures.

Used, excellent condition with killer tone and loads of volume. Footswitch and manual not included (manual may be downloaded for free).

The Bassman 400H was designed to sound great with its eight equalization controls pointing straight up, but why settle for great? In the studio or on the road, an arsenal of “tonetools” provide you with layers of sound-control: Standard BASS and TREBLE controls are augmented by a potent semi-parametric LOW, MID, HIGH EQ; three FREQUENCY knobs select the frequency range that the corresponding trio of LEVEL knobs boost/cut. EQ GAIN serves as a volume-balance when switching ON/OFF the semi-parametric EQ, which can be done from the
remote FOOTSWITCH as well as the EQ ON/OFF switch.

Whether playing in a crowded, flat-sounding room, or a garage with hard, reflective surfaces, you can “shift” your EQ balance with the unique ROOM BALANCE control which compensates for various room acoustics. Use the variable COMPRESSOR to produce smoother tones and the ENHANCE switch to emphasize the high and low ends of the spectrum for a fat, warm sound.

The Bassman 400H provides a balanced XLR LINE OUT jack for a superior signal-to-noise ratio. Suitable for output to recording equipment, the XLR LINE OUT is enhanced with PRE/POST EQ switching, a LINE OUT LEVEL control and a GROUND LIFT switch. Other professional features of the Bassman 400H include an PASSIVE/ACTIVE switch for bass guitars with active preamps and a TUNER OUT jack for fast tune-up’s (with a MUTE switch for silent-tuning). Connect external effects devices to the EFFECTS SEND/RETURN jacks on your Bassman
400H for unlimited sonic options.

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