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2010 Marshall AS100D Stereo 50x50 Watt 2x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amplifier Used


This Marshall AS100D Acoustic Combo Amp is the one to have. Specially designed for use with a variety of acoustic instruments with or without pickups. Its four channels give you the flexibility to handle piezo transducers or magnetic pickups, a mic for vocals or instruments, and external audio equipment via a phono input channel. Channels 1 and 2 have separate EQ and level controls but also may be linked. 2x50W stereo power gives you plenty of oomph for stage performance, and a balanced line out allows direct connection to a PA. The Marshall amp has a built-in digital reverb, delay, and chorus that add dimension to your sound, and a balanced parallel effects loop with level is included. Anti-feedback controls include a phase switch and notch filters for each channel with selectable extra notch depth for channels 1 and 2.

Used, excellent condition. Footswitch not included.

Serial number: C-2010-28-0064-2

Channels for both piezo and magnetic pickups
2x50W of power
2 - 8" speakers
Built-in digital reverb, delay, and chorus
Notch filters and phase switches for feedback control
Dedicated mic channel for vocals or miking instruments
Phono plug input channel for adding external audio sources

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